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Anything you would like to know from anywhere in the world.

Everything you will need to know when you are travelling. Real-time news from the place, weather updates, emergency services such as hospitals and pharmacies, museums, parks, worshipping places, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, hotels, hostels, events and also meetup groups to socialise.

You can list all the hospitals and pharmacies around.

You can view all restaurants and cafes around and order with respect to their ratings from their customers.

Museums, parks and even worshipping places.

You can view all details of places and read reviews about these establishments, view the place on the map and get directions simply tapping on “take me there” button. You can also call the establishment and visit their website for more info.

Navigate to the selected place with your apple watch without holding your phone in your hand. Sounds cool?

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Instantly receive and respond to your favorite notifications.  From the way it works to the way it looks, Apple Watch isn’t just something you wear. It’s an essential part of who you are.

Super easy to book a room in your selected location.

Not only list all available accommodations, get also best price among various hotel booking services.


Events and Meetup Groups are here.

Want to socialise? Search meetup groups in your location and join them! Or view all the events and even book tickets.

Personalised profile that you can save all your favourite destinations. Have we also mentioned that you can download photos from the your selected location place and get weather and news updates?

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